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    This could save a life- Text 9-1-1

    9-1-1 has revolutionized emergency services and saved countless lives. But, let’s face it- there are certain emergency situations that preclude someone from calling 911. One could also be  hearing or speech impaired or in an area with spotty cell phone coverage. For times like these, Los Angeles County now accepts text messages to 9-1-1. This new system could literally save lives, so I thought you should be aware of it. Here are some guidelines:
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    District Elections- This Could Change Torrance Forever

    Torrance may be changing from at-large to district elections. Currently, our elections are held at-large, which means that all six Councilmembers and the Mayor are elected to their posts by every voter in Torrance. If changed, Torrance would move to district elections where the City is split into geographic areas and there is one Councilmember elected by only the people of that area to represent that section of the City. The Mayor would still be elected at-large.
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