2016 State of the City- Why Torrance?

Tim Goodrich -Why Torrance?Yesterday, I attended our annual State of the City lunch and we unveiled a new video which I believe really encapsulates why people choose to live in Torrance, why we’re a great City in which to do business, and why our City is so great. Click on the video and take a look for yourself.

During the lunch, Mayor Furey provided a recap of the past year and there was a lot of great news. Here are some of our accomplishments:


  • TUSD achieved a 96% graduation rate
  • 12 Torrance schools received the 2016 California Gold Ribbon Award
  • The Torrance Fire Department was one of only 60 cities nationwide to attain a Class 1 status
  • The Torrance Mental Health Evaluation Team was started
  • The Torrance Police Foundation was established 
  • We were named one of the 25 healthiest cities in the US due to our medical facilities
  • Goundbreaking of $22mln Torrance Transit Center
  • Improved water supply through development of the North Torrance Well Field
  • The 10th brewery opened
  • Nearly 10,000 resident business licenses were issued
  • More than 15 auto dealerships formed the Torrance Auto Dealers Association
  • Del Amo Fashion Center became the largest retail center in LA County
  • The July 4th fireworks celebration returned
  • Made progress on a View Preservation Ordinance and Historic Preservation Ordinance (both nearly complete)


As you can see, we have a lot to be proud of and it makes me tremendously grateful to represent such a fantastic City. 

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