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Tim GoodrichCouncil has been incredibly busy handling many different issues these past few months, but I want to keep you updated on what's happening. Some key issues covered here include State housing bills/local control, City Manager retirement, common sense Police reform, and the #Dare2Care program:

State Housing Bills/Local Control:

Sacramento has been quite busy this session, with 70 different housing/zoning bills under consideration. These bills go too far, eliminating single family zoning, taking away local control and review, and imposing unfunded mandates upon Cities. Last night at Council, we unanimously adopted resolutions opposing these overreaching housing bills. If you’d like to learn more about these bills and voice your opinion to your State legislators, you can start here:

City Staff retirements:

After more than 40 years as City Manager and 50 years as a Torrance employee, LeRoy Jackson has announced his retirement. In addition, several other department heads have announced their retirements after long careers. I thank them all for their service to our community and wish them well in their retirement.

This means the City Council will now undertake the process of interviewing and hiring candidates to fill the City Manager position. Our decision will have a big impact on the future of our City. Where these is change, there is also opportunity and I look forward to the challenges ahead to build a better Torrance.

Common sense Police reform:

We all know there have been a lot of conversations regarding police reform in the past two months. After speaking with our police officers and listening to members of our community, I gained unanimous concurrence from my Council colleagues to support a common sense police reform: a National Police Independent Database (National ID). This database would be created for police officers who have been fired for misconduct so that other agencies and cities don’t unknowingly hire an officer with a troubled past. I’m thankful for those of you that have written to me expressing your concerns on this matter and for the many Torrance Police Officers who have spoken with me about this and indicated their support.

Dare2Care campaign:

Tim Goodrich Torrance #Dare2Care campaign

We’ve all been affected by COVID to varying degrees and it has taken a toll on many people. At the same time, we’ve also seen an unfortunate increase in intolerant acts. Since we all can use a little positivity in our lives, I asked for and received concurrence from the Council to have staff implement a Citywide campaign called the Torrance Dare2Care Challenge. The campaign will launch in the official weekly Torrance newsletter (4pm every Thursday, sign up here) and you'll also see some signs around town. Please look for hashtag #Dare2Care. While it’s a small thing to do, we all could use a little uplifting and a reminder to be kind to one another.

As a reminder, if you’re in need of help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. Your request will remain anonymous and I’m happy to help connect you with the resources you may need.

Thank you for being involved in our community and for standing by us while we navigate these challenging times.

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