Check out Torrance's new website!

I’m proud to report that on Tuesday night, the City of Torrance debuted a newly redesigned website– www.TorranceCA.Gov

With so many people turning to the internet as their first source of information, our new website will help with the branding and promotion of our City. The redesigned website has visually attractive pages, a friendlier user-centric approach, search engine optimization, and improved visitor "quality time" in order to keep users engaged.

We’ve added timely information to the homepage including the Torrance Events Calendar, news, and several features that reflect our beautiful city.  The new “mega menus” help visitors navigate to information they seek more easily from the homepage.  We also added four new sub-sites that feature city services such as Arts & Venues, Economic Development, Library, and Transit.

After working alongside Councilmembers Mike Griffiths and Heidi Ashcraft on the website redesign committee for the last couple of years, I’m excited about the results of this project as it’s a marked improvement over what we had.

Visit our new site and let me know what you think!

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