Improvise. Adapt. And Overcome.

Torrance COVID-19Improvise. Adapt. And Overcome. This is one of the many things I learned while in the military in order to deal with adverse conditions. Here at City Hall, that lesson has certainly been valuable over the past month and it’s one we can all draw upon now.

In case you haven’t heard, the City of Torrance experienced a cyber security incident nearly a month ago that limited access to computer systems and email for a considerable amount of time (we’re still recovering) and I just got my City email back running today (sorry if I didn’t get your message- it didn’t get through).

In addition, COVID-19 struck and it has presented unique challenges in running a full service City like Torrance. Many operations are running a modified schedule and we have changed our way of doing business to comply with social distancing.

Despite these challenges, we have improvised and adapted and I want to let you know that we are still available to help should you need it. Our temporary website is up at Also, you can still participate in our first ever “virtual” City Council meeting tonight. Our agenda and info on how to join the meeting can be found at

Thank you for understanding the challenges we face and for working to get through this. Together, we will overcome.

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