Too Much Negative News Lately?


You've heard it before: Government doesn't listen to the people, my voice doesn't matter, etc… 

I hope the following story changes your mind.

I recently received an email that started like this:

Hi Councilman Goodrich,

We put your election campaign sign in our front yard and voted for you during the Torrance City Council Election in June. I need your help to improve a dangerous street condition in our city…”

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A New Year, A New Website

www..gifI hope that the New Year is treating you well so far. With this being the first email of the year, it’s fitting to “bring in the new” (a new website that is). 


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I'm Bringing City Hall to You

I know it’s often difficult to find time to keep up with what our City is doing or schedule a meeting at City Hall, so I’m bringing City Hall to you. Tomorrow, I will be holding community office hours at the Wilson Park Farmer’s Market and staffing a table in the middle of the vendor area from 8:00-9:45am.   

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A Great Deal of Progress

roadworkahead.jpgIt’s been a little while since I last wrote, but that’s due to being so busy tending to duties such as business openings, meeting with constituents, and extensive research and reading on all aspects of City Government. But I’m not the only one hard at work- perhaps you noticed all the road improvement projects over the last few months? While there’s still much to be done on this front, major progress is being made. 


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Who is Torrance's Newest Councilmember?

Tim Goodrich welcomes Mike Griffiths to the CouncilBecause Councilmember Pat Furey still had two years left on his term when he was elected as Mayor on June 3rd, a vacancy was created on the City Council. To fill that vacancy, the new Council quickly had to decide whether to make an appointment or hold a special election that could have cost more than $200,000.

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It's Official!

Torrance Councilmember Tim Goodrich

Last night, I was sworn in as one of Torrance’s newly elected Councilmembers. It is such an honor to serve our great City and I am thankful to the voters and all those who supported me along the way. 


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