Check out Torrance's new website!

I’m proud to report that on Tuesday night, the City of Torrance debuted a newly redesigned website– www.TorranceCA.Gov

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18 Years Later- The Uniform Still Fits

Tim Goodrich Torrance Armed Forces Day ParadeLast week, Torrance hosted the 58th annual Armed Forces Day Parade, a celebration of those who currently serve in our Nation’s armed forces. The honored service this year was the Air Force and as an Air Force Veteran, it was such an honor to Chair the Armed Forces Day Parade Committee. 

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My resolution regarding Modified Hydrofluoric Acid at the refinery

Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF) is a highly toxic chemical in use at the Torrance Refinery. Its characteristics are such that, if released, it can form a ground hugging cloud that can spread great distances and cause serious injuries or even deaths. While I have confidence that PBF Energy (the company which recently purchased the refinery from Exxon-Mobil) and its workers can improve the refinery’s safety record, I don’t have confidence in the safety of this chemical.

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2016 State of the City- Why Torrance?

Tim Goodrich -Why Torrance?Yesterday, I attended our annual State of the City lunch and we unveiled a new video which I believe really encapsulates why people choose to live in Torrance, why we’re a great City in which to do business, and why our City is so great. Click on the video and take a look for yourself.

During the lunch, Mayor Furey provided a recap of the past year and there was a lot of great news. Here are some of our accomplishments:

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Armed Forces Day Parade and our newly adopted budget

It’s that time of year again- the 57th annual Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade is tomorrow, Saturday the 21st at 1:30pm. This year’s honored branch of service is the Army. Tim_Goodrich_Torrance_Armed_Forces_Day_Parade.jpg

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The Torrance Advantage

advantage_awards_16_copy_rdax_400x434.jpgDid you know that Torrance issued 970 business licenses just last year? We’re extremely fortunate to have a great business base that supports the services we all enjoy...

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Want Clean Air?

Over the last several months, we’ve made progress in getting our refinery running safely again. In January, we heard from the Federal Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board which reported their initial findings as to the cause of the Feb. 18th, 2015 explosion...

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Join me for an electrifying event

Tim Goodrich Torrance City Council EVentSince 2011, I've been driving an electric car because of the many benefits they offer; improving our national security (not sending oil profits to counties who don’t share our values and sometimes funnel money to terrorist organizations), our economy (creating jobs by installing and maintaining infrastructure), and our environment (providing cleaner air). And this is before the all the money I save on gas and instant torque of the electric motor kicks in.

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We're #1!

Torrance_Council_with_Wyland.jpgWhen I emailed last month, I asked for your support in taking the Wyland Foundation’s National Mayor’s Pledge for Water Conservation. I’m proud to announce that, thanks to you, Torrance won!

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Too Much Negative News Lately?


You've heard it before: Government doesn't listen to the people, my voice doesn't matter, etc… 

I hope the following story changes your mind.

I recently received an email that started like this:

Hi Councilman Goodrich,

We put your election campaign sign in our front yard and voted for you during the Torrance City Council Election in June. I need your help to improve a dangerous street condition in our city…”

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