Road to Recovery

Whether you or a loved one have become ill from COVID-19, you lost your job or business, or you’ve experienced loneliness from not being able to leave your house, we’ve all experienced unique challenges in these last few months.

Today, I’m proud to report that your local government has responded to your concerns, a variance has been granted, and businesses, hair salons, and restaurants will begin opening again in the coming days. I’d like to thank Supervisor Hahn for her partnership in this and for her hard work in advocating for her constituency. Over the last 2 weeks, I began hearing from many of you about the need to get back to business and start reopening. As I took a closer look at the numbers, I realized that Torrance was unique and our metrics looked much better than other areas of the State. In fact, Torrance has had 44 COVID related deaths, with very few of them outside of senior care facilities.

Armed with this knowledge, I began making phone calls to see what we could be done to help Torrance get a variance from the “one size fits all” regulations that were placed upon us. Just two days after speaking with County Supervisor Janice Hahn, there was an item to discuss this for the next County Supervisors meeting and Supervisor Hahn then approached the State to ask for a variance.

While we still have a long road ahead of us, please remember it will be made easier with your cooperation and through use of the proper safeguards when venturing outside. As always, I’m here to listen and respond to any concerns you have. I hope to see you in the community!

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