Standing up for safe and secure voting

Tim Goodrich fights for safe and secure voting accessI think we can all agree that the right to exercising our democratic right to vote in a safe and secure manner is one of the things that makes this country great- It's something I enlisted in the military to protect. Unbelievably, I've now found myself fighting to protect it again, only this time at Torrance City Hall.

Voting will be challenging this year, due to the shaken confidence in the US mail, the ongoing coronavirus, and the big change in how our voting is conducted (only a few in person voting centers for the whole City, as compared to the prior one in every neighborhood).

For these reasons, we discussed an item brought forth by the LA County Registrar Recorder at Council last night to place five ballot boxes in strategic locations across Torrance to improve access to voting. Although this proposal was at no cost to the City, only myself and one other Councilmember supported it, with 5 opposed. Torrance, along with the industrial City of Vernon (population 112), will be the only cities of LA County's 88 cities without ballot boxes.

In an effort to push back on this attack on our freedom and make sure everyone knows how to safely and securely vote this year, here's the latest info I have:

1) You can vote by mail as everyone in the State will receive a vote by mail ballot

2) If you have concerns about voting by mail, you can drop your ballot or vote in person at any County vote facility. Currently scheduled locations in Torrance include the Ken Miller Recreation Center, Katy Geissert Library, and the George Nakano Theatre, starting October 24th. There may be other 5 day vote locations added at a later time

3) If you have concerns about Coronavirus and the mail, you can drop your ballot in another City's ballot box


Thank you for participating in our democracy and please know that I will always stand up for your rights. As always, you can communicate with me by replying directly to this email, or to the entire Council at [email protected]

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