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El Paso Cantina empty lot on Sepulveda and Crenshaw

This has been a very active discussion for a month now on the NEXTDOOR app. As I understand it there are plans to use this empty lot for a fast food drive through such as Wendy's. Most of us on NextDoor have been very sad that this might become just another boring fast food restaurant which we already have so many in Torrance. Across the street there are plans that the old Bikeology lot will become a car wash. Both of these ideas don't enhance neighborhood and make everything along the street look cheap. I would encourage the lot owners and the city council to try and attract a nicer restaurant to go in its place - especially since we don't have many really good mexican restaurants in the area. Torrance keeps looking junkier all the time. Let's improve!

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Opening night under the new lights at Riviera Little League. Play ball!

Too bad North Torrance Little League and North Torrance Girls Softball League are under a threat of going completely dark. But hey lets celebrate Riviera Little League getting new lights....................yeah! Play Ball may no longer be something you can say in North Torrance!

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Different ways of providing convenience to customers

Different companies have different services in order to have good customer satisfaction. The variety of packages offered by the service providers are highly acronym in price considering the requirements and needs of customers. These agencies relocate your belongings with great deal of security, safety insuring exact and timely delivery.

Shifting your household with your valuables is very challenging task to you when you have to deal with heavy goods & furniture. The job amplifies its adversity when you have to use stairs while loading or unloading. You find the situation more complicated when transportation of your residing area is not very streaming. Your breakable belongings face probable threats about breakage when they are not packed properly. There might be several such organizations in the business but your local packers and movers could be helpful to you in many ways.

They might be equipped with the knowledge of shortcut routes, status about traffic in certain routes, could easily understand the address of your new venue. This in turn may provide you other benefits such as timely delivery of goods, affordable rates etc. These organizations well versed in specific relocation such as offices households etc.

packers and movers in chandigarh

These agencies can be reviewed on the basis of their performance, customer satisfaction level, output of their work, their ability to handle unexpected problems etc. Some of their best services are:-

Punctuality These organizations take punctuality as a base of customer satisfaction. They arrive at the venue as per your convenience in order to pack and load your goods. Besides this their timely delivery will also been taken care of. They work day and night in order to provide maximum convenience to their customer.

Packers And Movers in Ludhiana

Transportation of goods These companies are equipped with their own vehicles providing you with further relaxation from searching transportation separately. They may avail you with vehicles of different sizes as per your requirement hence saving your unnecessary expenditure.

Reliability- These agencies owe the responsibility of your goods till its safe delivered. You will be free from the tension of your loads once you hand it over to their staff’s. All your goods will be properly listed, counted and arranged. Goods will be handled accordingly as per their delicacy.

Experienced staffs Staffs of their prescribed organizations are friendly, mannered and experienced enough to care your expectations from them and hence they are capable enough in providing you with the expected service. They are capable of understanding your requirements and will work accordingly.

Affordable rates cards Despite providing you with efficient service they even work at a nominal charge. The reason behind offering affordable rates is the bulk assignments they are handling in this cut throat competitive world. In spite handling so many customers, they treat each and every customer specially and dissatisfaction of even a single customer matters a lot for them.

So if you are planning for shifting to a new place, just relaxed as these agencies come up with so many facilities and good services.

Have a happy and safe shifting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Recycling Center

It has come to the attention of the neighbors of the shopping center at 190St. and Inglewood Ave. that there are plans to set up a recycling center on the property. The residents on Arvada St. and Towers St. have voiced concerns over this in the way of a petition as well as trying to set up meetings with the property owner(s) but to no avail. Councilman, I'm not sure if you are aware of this situation, but the homeowners would very much like your assistance with this. I would ask that a townhall meeting be arranged with the homeowners and the shopping center owner(s). I know the homeowners would appreciate your involvement with this matter. Thank you. Brian Boyd

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