Too Much Negative News Lately?


You've heard it before: Government doesn't listen to the people, my voice doesn't matter, etc… 

I hope the following story changes your mind.

I recently received an email that started like this:

Hi Councilman Goodrich,

We put your election campaign sign in our front yard and voted for you during the Torrance City Council Election in June. I need your help to improve a dangerous street condition in our city…”

In the email, Torrance residents Mike and Lingchun told me they were driving back home one day after running an errand. As they turned from 222nd St. northbound onto Plaza Del Amo, a road they hadn't driven on before, everything looked okay. But, suddenly, they found themselves in the wrong lane and in the path of oncoming traffic. Fortunately, disaster was averted and everybody was safe. But, wondering what had led to this near collision, they circled back to figure out what could have led to such a mistake. In doing so, they found a dashed line that could make someone think both lanes went in the same direction and there was a center median with parked cars on the other side and facing the opposite direction (see “before” picture).

These factors led Mike and Lingchun to believe that they were heading up a one way road, when it was actually a two-way street. Concerned that others might make this same mistake, Mike contacted me about the situation and I consulted with City staff. Before long, it was determined that the markings could be improved and a City paint striping crew was scheduled to go out and paint a solid double line (see “after” photo). I’d like to thank Mike and Lingchun for bringing this matter to my attention and helping to make our streets safer.

Moral of the story: Your voice does matter. Your feedback and participation is valued. Together, we can build a better Torrance!

Before:                                                   After (with Tim and Mike)

Before.JPGAfter-Tim Goodrich.jpg

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