We're #1!

Torrance_Council_with_Wyland.jpgWhen I emailed last month, I asked for your support in taking the Wyland Foundation’s National Mayor’s Pledge for Water Conservation. I’m proud to announce that, thanks to you, Torrance won!

Because of you, Torrance has received positive press, free data analytics WaterSmart software, and we still have the opportunity to win a water efficient landscape makeover for one of our parks.

While we’re on the topic of saving water, it bears mentioning that Level 2 Water Conservation measures have now gone into effect. In case you’re curious about what that means, some of these include:

1) Prohibiting watering between 8am and 6pm and no more than 10 minutes per day

2) Limiting watering to no more than two days per week

3) Prohibiting initial filling of pools or spas with potable water

4) Click here for the text of the ordinance

This drought is far from over, but you rose to the occasion last month and we rose to take the top spot on the Water Pledge. With your continued efforts, I know we’ll get through these challenging times.

Thank you for affirming what I already knew- that Torrance is #1.

PS- I recently replaced my front lawn with California native plants. Click here to see the Torrance CitiCable video about the project and go to www.bewaterwise.com to receive a rebate for doing this at your house.

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